Saturday, March 18, 2006

Toward The New Peace

Dear Friends:
   We're working on this during lunch breaks at work.
   Your input would help. 
   Our goal is to list the biggest fragmenting things that a new institution, should integrate, outflowing from the peace that is Jesus Christ. JBJ says we?ve had three such, and are ready for a fourth.
    The three he tells in ?Crisis, opportunity, and the Christian Future? are Church, State, and University. 
   Peace is the explicit reconciliation of opposites.  This is seen in Christ, for He is God and Man, yet One, etc.
   Examples:  The church integrated tribes, Jew and Greek, male and female, bond and free as one in Christ Jesus.
   The State (kings, etc.) made peace in a territory, keeping vendettas down, and tribal and clan warfare down. E Pluribus Unum.
   The University integrated many subjects and many knowledgeable views in peace in one educational institution.
   The new institution may combine all three and transfigure them, as Christ is prophet, priest, and king; or it may be entirely new, a 4th type of thing. It could be a Sabbath or a 4th word.
    Trinity will bring about what He wants, and we are not revelationally privy to that.  In other words, in some senses we don't know?we can?t know, but surely Paul and Peter and Charlemagne and Abelard saw fragmentation and attempted to integrate it: E Pluribus Unum--Out of many, one.
Love in Christ Jesus,
Chuck, unworthy servant
PS: Some candidates.  Increased knowledge, scientific journals?who can keep up? Control of energy?100 years ago few automobiles, e. g. Family disintegration as kids move across country. People don?t live near where they work now, don?t know neighbors. Corporations were illegal 100 years ago, now Wal-Mart is bigger than many countries. Wars are more destructive and could destroy the planet? Technology. We are very rich, richer as poor Americans than anyone 100 years ago. Exploring the solar system and beyond. Living longer. 6 billion people, 3x as many. Evolution, big bang, iconic gesture language theory, human genome mapping, various medical work that treats persons as things. The Industrial Revolution and other such. Money as digits, not paper entries, metals, etc. Loss of languages as tribes assimilated, possible climate changes, chemicals and electricity, changes n forests and seas and species.
SuperCalendar (House O' Singing Times--HOST) 'consumes' other calendars, recaps history, and typifies the future. A thankful amen.

The Symphony O' History builds a tabernacle of people/Days and teaches conducting and true speech-act that makes times.


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